The greatest legends of the music industry!

A BaBoom!® Legends class is a time journey through the music history of the last 50 years. Meet the outstanding legends and feel the emotions in their songs.

Never miss a chance to dance!

In BaBoom!® Tunes you will dance to songs from the Dance, Hip-Hop and Pop-Charts! Be ready for cool moves and groovy movements of the international dancefloor scene. No special skills or previous knowledge are required, everyone can join! Enjoy the pure delight in moving with easy choreographies!

Kick' It Up

BaBoom!® Country will blow you away! The fascinating mix of Cajun, Country-Rock and Country-blues, Honky Tonk, Country Pop, Rockabilly and many more, will bring you to a new level of dancing!
In BaBoom!® Country classes we dance through the Billboard-Charts with easy choreographies, so you can also concentrate on the great songs, that tell us stories about life, campfire romanticism, smoky saloons and endless pathways; stories about pickup trucks and heavy motorcycles, love for the country and about freedom…

Do you like hot rhythms?

Then you will love BaBoom!® Latin! BaBoom!® Latin brings hot, passionate and fast rhythms to the dancefloor. The erotic rumba can make the air crackle and the playful cha cha let’s your heart beat faster! BaBoom!® Latin is sensual and touchy-feely and makes every class a breathtaking experience. Needless to say, as with all BaBoom!® programs, you don’t need any prior knowledge and you don’t need to notice anything! Just feel the music. With easy choreographies you can just enjoy.

Coming soon…

The ultimate offer for Schlager-lovers!

It’s unique, it’s special, it’s great! Here is the first dance program with your favorite genre of Schlager-music.

You will fall in love with BaBoom!® Schlagerparty! A mix of holiday and party hits, songs of Schlager-music from around the world and the revolutionary first hits of the Golden Twenties await you in this unique program.

Easy choreos – maximum fun!
Coming soon…

Kids dance to Hits

The main focus of this program is FUN! Fun at dancing, learning many cool and easy choreographies and playing together.
Although the main goal is very clear, we still train concentration, condition, coordination and timing! Everything essential for the development of a child! Let your children discover the joy of dancing. BaBoom!® Kids classes bring out the creative and free spirit of children!